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06 Jan 2020
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Christmas is just a day away and we are all probably still running around trying to find those last minute gifts that won’t come across like ‘last minute’ gifts!! I came across some really exciting gift ideas that we can get for our loved ones and colleagues without breaking your bank account. I love personalised well thought out gifts; gifts that I would not normally buy for myself and leave me feeling ‘fuzzy’ and ‘merry!’ Perhaps I have been paying more attention to local products, businesses and offerings but this year I enjoyed watching local entrepreneurs put their products out there a bit more. I was pleasantly surprised at the unique product/ service offerings that our local entrepreneurs have in the market. This is why I promised myself that I would buy all my colleagues and loved one’s gifts from local entrepreneurs. So I decided to share a few places where you can get quirky gift ideas!



Definitely one of my favourite, Ina lebe will make it easy for you to find the perfect gift this Christmas and beyond because the options are endless!! You can find gifts suitable for everyone (male/female) and personalise them according to your specifications. I can’t think of a better way to leave a lasting impression than to personalise your recipient’s gift. A personalised diary for work is exactly what I need to ensure that I don’t ‘lose’ my diary somewhere in the office only for it to end up in one of my colleagues hands. So basically, you can get great personal and professional gifts at the store. Ina Leba stocks various products from local suppliers so you should be able to find a variety of gift ideas to choose from. Do visit their facebook page for more gift ideas!

Nako Timepieces

This has to be one of the most patriotic and authentic products to ever come out of BW (my personal opinion) and I knew exactly what I would be gifting my brother this festive season. In their own words, “Nako is an innovative luxury watchmaker brand with historical significance. Born in Botswana and manufactured in Switzerland, Nako Timepieces are merging innovation and luxury watchmaking that’s proudly African.” This local timepiece aims to commemorate and celebrate the significance of the three chiefs and the national virtues of ‘Botshabelo’ (refuge), ‘Bogaka’ (heroism), ‘Boitshoko’ (endurance), ‘Maikarabelo’ (global responsibility) and ‘Boipuso’ (independence) that they instilled in the people of the Republic of Botswana. What better way to celebrate the beautiful history of Botswana than to adorn your wrist with a timepiece that celebrates our history. I don’t believe in supporting local for the sake of supporting local but when entrepreneurs make such a great effort and don’t compromise on quality, i have no reason not to buy from them. They have a collection for both men and Women, a perfect gift for couples! Visit their Facebook page (Nako Timepieces) or visit Monsieur Collections to get your timepiece.


Nubian Seed

I remember meeting the Nubian Seed team at the annual consumer fair and fairgrounds and thinking these folk are so happy, so warm; this must be their strategy for luring customers in!!? Boy did I get the surprise of my life?! So I started off with the black African soap and I loved it. I then decided to purchase a few more products from them and I have no regrets. Personally I think their products are great for gifting our mom’s, sisters and girlfriend’s because every woman deserves to soak in a salt bath and enjoy a natural aromatic oil. They can put together a small gift pack for you with a woven pouch or you can purchase a variety of their products and gift someone with a ‘Home spa Hamper’.

These aren’t the only local entrepreneurs where you can get gifts for your loved ones from, however I hope they inspire you a little bit. All entrepreneurs can be found on social media and i hope you will all love them as much as I do! 


Happy Local SHopping Folks!