A fast Christmas

23 Jan 2020
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In the early hours of Christmas Morning, a cool breeze blew and a wonderful sunrise emerged. As it mounted the clear skies of Mmadinare, a crowd began to form at the center of the village. The residents were showing up for the Annual Mascom Mmadinare Christmas Race, 2019.

Both the young and old came to try their luck in the race. Competitive chatter soon filled the atmosphere. Hawkers and vendors also set up shop near the event to showcase their offerings and services.

Moving about the scene, one could have touched the enthusiasm that radiated from the participants. Everyone was anticipating a positive outcome from the race. Villagers graced the event with their presence. Others had come to support their loved ones while some came to enjoy the festivities. Grandparents, uncles, cousins, friends and even the neighborhood dogs had shown up!