Facebook Live in Full HD

27 Oct 2017
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Why do you need Facebook Live in Full HD?


The HD live stream helps organization to reach a broader audience and engage them. Due to the fact that the live stream is in full HD the global audiences in first world countries are able to watch the stream in its best quality. The audio quality is better than that of phone so people will be able to watch it longer.


The live stream gives audiences worldwide a chance to engage and be a part of the conversation. As this will be in real time and on a platform that people can easily access then it will give audience the chance to engage with the event or conference by asking questions or commenting. This will also give the client the chance to respond and address the comments and questions presented by the audience in real time. 


With the live stream we offer the client will have an opportunity to brand themselves as they can introduce their logo on the live stream.  Through the use of lower thirds, the brand can share messaging to its audience and share contact or important massaging.

As Social Light we continue to invest in the development of Livestream technology that will enable our clients to engage and share content with audiences globally 3996017 or admin@sociallightbw.com. #becomethespotlight