Entreprenuership is a numbers game

19 Nov 2019
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The population of Nigeria and Ghana is approximately 220million, almost 130million shy of that of the United States. The two East-African giants, Kenya and Tanzania have a combined population of more than 100million people. As a result of these astounding numbers, East and West Africa has a serious traffic problem.

Johannesburg, with an urban cumulative population of 8million people, has better road infrastructure as a solution to its traffic and congestion problem. I had a ride in one of these motor-bikes which some enterprising people are using as a business to solve the traffic and congestion problem in Dar es Salaam. I hear that they have similar motorbikes called the “okada” in Nigeria. Some people have found a solution for the problem of numbers.

I have been ranting about breaking into new markets to try and solve Botswana’s problem of a miniscule market. We need more numbers. East and West Africa does not need more numbers. They need better management of the numbers. Our solution is a problem for them.

Bringing this home, we have to understand that life, just like business, is an infinite process of problem-solving. You have to constantly provide solutions for customers and, usually omitted, solutions for your own business operations. You have to ask yourself, “How can I run more efficiently and effectively?” “How can I decongest my life” “How can I sell to bigger numbers” and after you find solutions for your current problems, that solution will lead you to another set of problems.

This constant solving of problems is what makes you a kick-ass employee. It is what makes you a dope entrepreneur. It is what makes you a cool parent. It is what it takes to make you a successful human being all round.

Don’t run away from your problems. Be a serial problem solver.

How are you solving your traffic problem?


Source: Sibusisio Kgosikhumo_FB

Photo cred: Sibusiso Kgosikhumo