Employee Well being

15 Jun 2020
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Safety comes first during any crisis. The safety of your staff, business, assets, investments, you name them. As an entrepreneur, your team is your responsibility and you would want to be careful not to put money ahead of them.

Yes you’re in business and you want to make a profit for whatever reason you have. But history has shown that companies that are founded on something more than just a desire to turn a profit live longer and have a greater impact in the world. The vision that such businesses carry is bigger than the founders themselves and that means they approach it very differently.

One of these approaches is the value of staff. This is crucial, even for those that do not have a bigger mission than just making money. Your employees are in most cases the backbone of your business and this means that they need to be best taken care of. The Covid-19 pandemic not only puts their lives at risk but the lives of businesses too because should the entire fall sick at a go, no one is left behind to deliver your promise to the clients.

So what should do you ask? Well, we all know that remote working for those that can is the new norm. But what about those that can’t afford to setup their staff for remote working, or those whose jobs need them to be in a physical location? Whichever one you are there are safety measures to exercise. As countries begin to loosen the lock down restrictions, observe those and make sure that adherence in your business is at the highest. For example, as bad as it is that you had to close down your business due to the pandemic, it is a good thing on the flipside because you preserved the life of your employees. They are set to come back refreshed and fired up for work once you open.

However, since the virus can’t be cured, there has to be measures you employ as a business person post the pandemic. Globally, restaurants are opening and even locally. The first step that these businesses take is to disinfect their premises as a precautionary measure. Though this may be too expensive for smaller businesses, there is no problem an entrepreneur can’t fix. Group yourselves together with other smaller businesses and negotiate a more favourable rate for yourselves. Maybe even batter trade your products and services to the cleaning companies.

Lastly, if you are a service provider, spas, salons etc., get a SHE Officer within your premises even if it be periodically. This will boost the confidence of your clients as they come back to your premises for business and may also come in as a requirement by the government to ensure health and safety standards are kept. They don’t have to be there daily unless required by law and once again, you can think of a good way to compensate them for their services. Remember, you are an entrepreneur, a problem solver. You eat challenges for breakfast and wash them down with more problems after lunch and dinner!