Employee Assistance Program; A Need!

30 Aug 2019
Article by : 
Gaone Mothobi
Photo by; Marco Bianchetti

You probably know this, or should know this, but 100% of the success of your business entity depends solely on your employees' mental abilities. You may have a headcount of only five employees in a business which depends mainly on machines and computer systems to deliver services but, still, those five people have a felt impact on the operation of those machines and systems. Don't you then think it is worthwhile to invest in programs that ensure that your staff is mentally healthy at all times?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an external service, paid for by the employer, that helps employees deal with work and personal problems that may possibly affect their ability to perform well in the workplace. Employees might have problems ranging from financial to domestic, work relations, drug abuse and everything in between; common life issues that will in one way or the other hinder their productivity. It goes without saying that when you are emotinonally unwell you might possibly not be able to perform at your ultimate best, this is where the EAP program comes in. Although the employer is paying for the service, the employee's privacy should be respected and hence the employer can not, under any circumstance, have access to the records between the employee and the service provider.

By creating easy access to such services to your team, you are playing a huge role in encouraging their general well-being which will consequently have an indirect but powerful influence on the overall performance of your business. In many workplaces, issues of mental wellness are still not awarded the awareness and remedial attention they require, which is truly unfortunate. Although you may not be required to do so by law, as an employer you have the moral obligation to ensure that your employees work in an environment that is beneficial to them far beyond the salary since they dedicate a large portion of their day to you.