Dijo Tsa Rona

05 Oct 2018
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Here's a simple bake to try at home, for a baby shower r a bridal shower this summer. Wo said traditionla food has to be boring? 


20g Uncooked Basmati Rice

10g Sorghum Rice (Mosutlhane)

2 Beaten Egg Whites Salt

Pepper 20ml Palm Oil


100g Mushrooms (Sliced) 50ml Tomato and Basil Pesto Sauce 5g Baby Tomatoes 10g Pitted Black Olives 10g Red Pepper 5g Lettuce 5g Tomato Wedges 5g Cucumber (Sliced) 2g Sliced Onion


1. Boil rice and Sorghum until cooked

2. Drain and cool slightly. Add egg whites to the cooled rice mixture and season

3. Press the mixture into a greased tin and bake for 10mins

4. Meanwhile fry all veggies for the topping, add the tomato sauce and olives

5. Top the rice mixture with the fried veggies and place under hot grill 5mins Serve immediately with a salad