Dijo Tsa Rona

18 Jun 2018
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I attended Mookane Farmers Day this past weekend and came across some interesting exhibitors or rather some great things I didn’t know some exhibitors were doing. We usually think we know exactly what organizations are doing or at least what their mandate is but I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the BAMB stall at the farmers day. I guess this is why we have events like Mookane farmers day, to expose us to information we wouldn’t have been exposed to on a normal day. Usually when I see or think of BAMB, I think animal feed, fertilizers and anything else that has to do with farming. We often forget the food we eat on a daily basis is there because of the hardwork that farmers put in.

I learnt a lot of things at their stall but one thing stuck out for me, the BAMB recipe book ‘Dijo Tsa Rona’. Forgive me if I came a little late to the party but if some of you have known about this great recipe book you need to be called to order for not sharing this amazing piece of information. I love traditional and local food, I would ditch sushi and fancy food in a second for a scrumptious plate of  bogobe jwa lerotse, seswaa and morogo wa dinawa. Besides it being delicious, there is a pride I feel when I eat traditional food, I feel more in touch with my roots and who I am. The only challenge I usually have with my traditional food is that restaurants rarely give us variety and if you didn’t grow up cooking some of the dishes you are setting yourself up for an epic fail in the kitchen. So you can imagine my excitement when I came across a recipe book that shared recipes made from traditional food we grew up eating.

Dijo Tsa Rona is published by Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board and is available to the public for free at their head office. Although this is the first volume, we look forward to the next volume and we will be sharing some of their recipes for you to try at home.