December vs Dezember

15 Dec 2017
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All we have been hearing for the past few weeks is 'Go Dezember Boss'! This literally means that December is here and although this is obvious it has a completely different connotation to what one may think. We all know that the festive season is a time when everyone is tired and justifying why they need to spend more money than they usually would and why they ‘need’ to throw all their morals out the window. For some reason only known to humans bitten by the ‘Dezember’ bug, January is the least of their worries, I’ll make a plan is always their response. The saddest part is making a plan usually includes getting into debt, through your credit card or a cash loan provider. By the end of January you are not only paying back the amount you had borrowed but you pay back more than you’d borrowed and your financial distress is extended a little into February. I know it’s not easy to discipline yourself during ‘Dezember’ but here are a few tips that may help cushion the January woes!

  1. Buy the necessary things

During the holiday season we can benefit from lower prices on electronics, cookware, appliances and many other items. If there’s something you were dreaming of the whole year, then it’s the right time to buy it!

  1. Get everything done on the cheap

It’s important to keep in mind that your holiday to-do list shouldn’t overwhelm your budget. December comes with numerous money saving opportunities, all you have to do is to make a list and look for discounts and special offers.  Remember that there are things you can do yourself, for example, handmade gifts and Christmas cards.

  1. After-Christmas Sales

Fortunately, holiday sales do not end up when Christmas comes! After Christmas you still can take advantage of sale prices for numerous items, so don’t waste an opportunity to get a great deal. You can even start getting ready for the next holiday season because prices for decorations will be extremely low after Christmas. Make a list of items you’re interested in and head to the stores when the holiday fever will be almost over.

  1. Stay Woke!

This has to be my favorite! Have you noticed how generous you become during festive? Have you also noticed how there’s that particular friend of yours that always forgets his wallet? Or the one that never has money in December? Let’s not forget the one that just never reaches for his wallet? Well those are the smart ones, take notes from them and exercise some restraint when it comes to your ‘generosity’.