Content is King

30 Aug 2019
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This has been said a million times since the past 2 decades and growingly so. It stands as a universal truth that unfortunately some see not this way. We surely can’t all be Kings or direct affiliates of the King but for those that have room to be so it would wise that they do…

The statement that Content is King has grown so much and in it’s early years one of the world’s most visionary people, Mr. Bill Gates said it himself that “Content is King”. What he, at the time, in 1996 to be precise, meant by this was exactly what we are experiencing today. He likened the boom and importance of content online to that of broadcasting back when televisions were a necessity. Put properly into perspective, the television needed the content and perhaps more so than the content needed the television now taking into consideration what is happening.

The idea here is not to talk about the medium on which content is consumed, maybe later, but the focus is on content itself. Everything revolves around content whether you like it or not, for both your professional and entertainment lifestyles. The print papers you read give you worded content that is mostly published weekly. The others give you various types as well, audio, visual/video etc.

In the world of business, marketing to be precise, content is thee way to go. Social media sites live off content and that is what we each feed them, daily. The basics of just having content running on a site all day long by various people has been monetized in different ways. The same can apply for your business whether it is a sole proprietorship or large conglomerate. Whatever it is your business does on a daily can be self-published at the least and monetized over time. It sometimes turns over much quicker while in some instances it takes a lot more time. Whatever the case it is valuable.

Content is King in that everything revolves around it. The serious guy and the lazy coucher all consume content. They need it in their respective ways and this means exactly, it is King. Without it in the digital revolution you won’t make money and likewise as a consumer you won’t know, learn or enjoy much without it. What can a commoner do without the Kings Influence or even approval within his kingdom, nothing! Get your content underway…