Content is currency

11 Oct 2019
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In case you didn’t know this…content is currency. You may differ with this depending on your perspective but by the end of this article you will most certainly agree with me and what I’ve said. Better yet, you may even have more to add to this fact and truth than I would have outlined.

The definition of content, in my view, is any piece of consumable information. It comes in different forms; images, video, text, audio etc. It can contain all these in a piece of content and at times it may contain only 1 but how are these things currency?

Currency has been around for the longest time and came as a result of the evolution of trade in the early days. People used to barter trade with whatever they had because these items or commodities had value that could be exchanged. Then, a person could trade the fat from his/her slaughtered animals for a horse shoe to attach to the hooves of his/her horse. A vegetable farmer could trade their produce for a ration of meat or clothing. The value that they had here was worth something that they didn’t have.

In today’s world we have a different type of currency, money. Economics have evolved over time to the standardization of currency into money or cash. The commodities produced by various people across their industries was valued and a selling price given to them as a fair return. This model has since been adopted everywhere and no place is without currency. The concept has grown so much that currencies are now used across borders and an exchange value given to them all.

Currency, in it’s definition, is a system of money in general use in a particular country so how then can we say content is currency? Because of the World Wide Web, we live in one, big, digital country and content is that currency. Right now on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google or whatever website you consume content that knowingly or unknowingly is monetized and this is the beginning of content being currency. If it weren’t for the content on these various platforms, there wouldn’t be a case for this article but there is. Part of the definition of currency is “in general use” and that’s where the value comes from, the content is always fresh and constantly consumed. Because of your desire to consume this content, spending your time and other resources on it gives it that value. Furthermore, the reason that someone else took their time to put it together while another put together the platform for you to access and enjoy, and the need for them to keep up with life in these new economic times where money is needed to live, content has become currency.

The content you create is what is traded on the World Wide Web. If it weren’t for the LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube uploads you make there wouldn’t be any currency behind it. Content itself, meets the very definition of currency as defined by Google so why disagree with this? The content others have made over the years has been converted to money and that furthermore affirms this argument. The advent of social media also confirms this because the sites thrive of content. Should there be a stop to public uploads of content then there wouldn’t be any social media sites and these tech giants would come crashing.

Movies, music, pictures, paintings etc. have all turned a good buck to the producers and owners wallets and again this shows that content is currency. One of the richest men on the planet, Bill gates said, many years ago, “content is where I expect most money to be made on the internet” and this is true today. The internet is driven by content and that content is the money. Whether you like it or not, content is currency.