5 Ways Entrepreneurs Make Mondays The Most Productive Day Of The Week.

18 May 2020
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1. Prioritize like a champ.

Without the proper planning and prioritizing, productivity goes out the window. “My biggest secret for a productive Monday is what I do on Friday. I spend the last hour of my day on Friday looking at my upcoming week and making sure that all of my top priorities are on the calendar.”

Don’t get blindsided by Monday. Define your priorities and let that help you plan. Which brings us to our next


2. Plan ahead.

When you are running a business, you have to think about what you hope to accomplish each day of the week, and that will dictate how you lay out your plans.

If you want to make Monday a little more productive, you have to figure out how to set goals and expectations for your Thursdays and Fridays. When you’re making your list for Monday, think about what you hope to accomplish by the end of the week. Is what you’re planning to do today getting you closer to that goal? If not, you may want to save it for a less busy day. And while you’re planning…


3. Don’t schedule frivolous meetings.

Meetings can often make people feel more productive, but the truth is, most of them are a complete waste of time. If you find that your team members want to rehash old information or are grasping for random ideas, definitely don’t schedule those meetings for Monday.

Monday morning is prime-time. Unless a meeting will truly use every bit of creativity and focus a person has, Monday is the wrong time to schedule it.

So rather than schedule needless meetings, try this next one instead.


4. Give yourself something to look forward to. Schedule your favorite thing for first thing on Monday.

Positivity goes a long way in terms of motivating yourself. When we’re more motivated, we’re far more productive.


5. Take care of your body.

There are actually scientific ways to better your brain and improve its function, which will ultimately make you much more productive.

When you’re working long hours, it’s easy to grab a donut and coffee and call that your breakfast.

Pre-plan your meals for the day and choose healthy options. Then set up a schedule and stick to it. Set an alarm if you have to. When you have smaller and more frequent meals, your glucose levels stay in balance.”


Source: African Youth Enterpreuers Summit page - FB