10 Questions with Xaa Safaris (XS) Executive Chef, Ona

09 Sep 2019
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Xaa Safaris
  1. Hi Chef Ona when did you start working at Xaa Safaris? - I started as a freelancer in April 2018
  2. Please tell us a bit about your first memory of cooking? - My first professional attachment was difficult but it taught me how to be strong and work in all types of work environment.
  3. Whilst working at Xaa Safaris what are the three things you have learnt about yourself? – I have learnt that I am a hard worker, I am patient & I also discovered that i am people's person.
  4. What inspires you day to day – in life and work? - my children; my passion for food; my love for travel as well as meeting new people.
  5. How do you bring your signature style of cooking into the taste of your dishes? – I like balanced dishes, I always make sure that there is a sweet n sour dish & something with a bit of spice/tang to balance the flavours.
  6. How would you describe the kind of cuisine Xaa Safaris clients like and the motivation behind the work you produce? – Xaa Safaris guests love variety and with variety it gives everyone something to eat. I love going extra mile for our clients, it gives me joy to hear guests raving about my dishes.
  7. What are some of your favourite ingredients and dishes? –
    1. herb: sweet basil;
    2. spice: garlic salt;
    3. veggie: eggplant/aubergine;
    4. fruit: melons;
    5. dish: chicken curry
  8. What are some of the unique requests you've had from guests when it comes to food and dining? – I have had clients who only wanted very minimal taste in their food. i.e. no spices n herbs only select veggies
  9. What do you enjoy most about working at Xaa Safaris? - I enjoy serving people as well as the reactions from a great meal