“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  – Leonardo da Vinci by Tshepiso Motlogelwa

17 Feb 2017
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The above quote, coined Leonardo Da Vinci quote can be applied into any design scheme. This will be illustrated in the following text. When it comes to designing beautiful functional interiors, often times less is more and simple equates to elegance. Our homes are the place we escape after long stressful days, and this is where we seek to find comfort and relaxation. But this is not the case if by coming home, we only see a lot of objects cluttered in a space which all need cleaning and maintenance. Minimalist interiors are not only a growing modern trend, but also a way to live in a clutter-free zone, which will help you get rid of stress. Minimalist interiors are based on the concept of having only what we really need and arrange it in a way that will leave a lot of free space for light and energy to float. The concept of minimalism goes even further to create modern designs that are functional, space-efficient and even healing. The natural light and free space in a minimalist interior will make you feel calm and free because of the bright environment and the illusion of a spaciousness.

With a clean and simple design scheme, the right accessories can help add some pop and zest to almost any space. Airy and expansive minimalist interiors allow the subtle details of a space to speak volumes. Whether it is focused around a simple color palette or the art itself, minimal style is not synonymous with starkness nor does it mean creative limitation. Colors and lighting also have a great impact on the mood, that is why minimalist interiors focus on natural light and color schemes. This combination creates an open, light and airy atmosphere. If you crave a redesign of your space because it does not help you unwind, the minimalist style is a great choice to start with.

You can put together a simple outfit, perhaps a pair of jeans and a tank top, the outfit might look plain and boring until you throw in a statement piece. The statement piece can, for example, be in the form of a bold printed scarf or a handcrafted neck piece, this is a sure way to instantly add character and interest to an otherwise plain outfit. The same applies to the interior of a space, you can put together less expensive furniture items and then add a stand-out statement piece to surprise, delight and make a big impact on an entire room. This can be in the form of a chandelier or pendant lights, feature wallpaper, bold wall art, a rug and others. You don’t have to blow your entire budget on expensive furniture and finishes. If you have a few statement pieces, they will give the space an expensive and sophisticated look without spending lots of money.

Having a feature wall is a simple but high-impact way to transform any room in your space, instead of adding too much activity on all the four walls of a room. A feature wall is a great opportunity to also showcase color or a design on a small scale, that you would never go for on a larger scale, and because they are on a smaller canvas, they can be easily replaced if you get tired of looking at them! An easy step in choosing the right wall is identifying where your eye is naturally drawn to when entering the room.

Floating furniture is another way of achieving a simple yet elegant look. It allows you to clean with ease and also give the space an open airy feel. You can have kitchen cabinets that are a few millimeters from the floor or have a floating entertainment unit. Couches with longer legs also create this sense of openness.

A minimalistic interior doesn’t have to lack character or lack aspects of your personality. It should in fact make your personal style stand out. Choosing a few of your personal style pieces makes them stand out more in a minimalistic space without being inhibited by other elements in the space. Your favorite and colorful painting, for example, will not be noticeable or appreciated when placed within a room with lots of other paintings. Minimalism does not mean rooms must be plain and neutral. For everybody that likes a pop of color, there are various ways to add modern, bright colors in a balanced way.

When you mention a minimalistic space, the first thing that might come to most people’s mind is that of a cold, sterile uninviting space with no character. To bring warmth into the space, incorporate elements of nature into the space. When your furnishings and décor are few, natural materials convey a wonderful sense of warmth. For example: a reclaimed wood table, a wool area rug, beeswax candles, linen napkins. Having wooden floors and wooden pieces of furniture in darker shades also give the space great warmth.