Analyst gives SONA C grade

President Ian Khama made his last State of the Nation Address (SONA) during the Fourth Session of the eleventh Parliament on Monday.

There were mixed reactions from all sectors of the economy. Voice Staffer, Daniel Chida sat down for an interview with Anthony Morima, a political analyst who graded Khama’s SONA as below average.

Q. Welcome sir, can you give us a general overview of the SONA.

If you listened to the speech, one would not think it is for somebody who is leaving office in the sense that one would expect a person about to vacate office to start by telling us what he planned to do when he came into office in terms of his objections and the projects that we know he pioneered and how successful or unsuccessful such projects were.

Q. What exactly are you saying?

In his 2016 SONA, Khama’s address was drawn around the Vision 2036 Pillars, and it was a good thing because one would measure the status of the nation against the long-term vision, He was therefore supposed to continue with that pattern of thought about Vision 2036 but he just abandoned it.


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