2018 Toyota Desert Race Results

The annual Toyota 1000 Desert race took off to a great start in the early hours of Saturday, 23rd June 2018 with locals and enthusiasts of the event all coming together in Jwaneng to enjoy the race. Route director Adri Roets and the Botswana Tourist Organization identified a number of changes to the route. This year’s course is going to be no different from previous years with demands on durability and reliability – and in the back of every competitors mind will be the fact that the Desert Race invariably carries a sting in the tail. Public access to spectator points remained free and gave enthusiasts an opportunity to follow the race via the RallySafe App. This year was no different from other years as families and groups of friends set up their mini-camp sites for the weekend ready to rally behind their favorite teams. Here are the final results from this year’s desert race:

Class FIA

1. De Villiers/Murphy - Toyota Gazoo Racing 300

2. Marsh/Gregling - Red-Lined Motorsport Navara 304

3. Baragwanath/Cremer - Century Cr6

Class T

1. Horn/Horn - Malalane Toyota T1

2. Bertholdt/Minnit - Atlas Copco Toyota T11

3. Baugmart/Cincea - NWM Ford T20

4. De Kleck/Badenhost - TreasuryOne Amarok T18

5. Woolridge/Dreyer - NWM Ford T77

Class A

1. Labuscagne/Labuscagne - ARB Porter A100

2. Telford/Ntseke - BAT A99

3. Du Toit/Swan - Whitestar BAT A18

Overall Results

1. De Villiers/Murphy - Toyota Gazoo Racing 300

2. Horn/Horn - Malalane Toyota T1

3. Bertholdt/Minnit - Atlas Copco Toyota T11

Congratulations to team Toyota yet another win!