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If you ever thought you couldn’t build a car you lied to yourself!

This here above is “Sarrki”, Adam’s lovely car! You may wonder what Sarrki means but it’s something exclaimable and is a name that’s usually given to girls by tier loving boyfriends. It’s clear that it’s manmade, handmade car, of course they all are but this one is different. Adam says he got it from his father, though the car was built by his Uncle. He’s always had a desire to drive and won it over 2 years ago when he won a bet with his father.

The motor was my point of interest, one that I could see right from the outside.  A 1970 Ford motor is what has been fit in this Sarrki and it’s 3 liter engine. It looks like a tractor motor, blue in colour but is apparently not. The engine has been overhauled and is now producing more power with bigger pistons than the originals. The frame too is rugged that it clearly has been welded together and will not be falling apart anytime soon and with the colours on it she’s indeed a Sarrki!


Batshani Sekoto has been on a fundraising initiative by walking and pushing his unfinished self-made vehicle around Botswana. He has already walked from Masunga to Gaborone to Shakawe and Maun. He is currently on the way from Maun to Kasane via Nata. Sekoto is raising funds in order to buy an engine for his vehicle. At some point he was short of only P2,000.00 to purchase the right engine. Local newspaper Mmegi met him on a Sunday along the A33 road near Nata on the way to Kasane. Sekoto reported that lions stalked him when he went through the Nxai Pan National Park last week but with “God’s protection” they did not trouble him. (Mmegi FB Page)

There's certainly much that Seloko can learn from Adam and his father, who've built a car themselves.

Soon enough we’ll have two home made cars in BW.

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